Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

This is such a sweet novel. I had seen the movie probably a year ago? and that’s when I decided that I wanted to read the novel too. This was a SUPER easy  and quick read and a lot of the pages don’t have much text or have illustrations that help tell the story. In comparing the book and the movie, I think the movie was done really well. The only thing that was off to me was that, in the book, the main character is half Asian, half African-American and her mother is full Asian. That’s not how the characters in the movie are portrayed. Of course it doesn’t take away from the story at all but just something that I noticed. This is a really cute love story about two young adults and you can’t help but become invested in their journey and root for them. It also sheds some like on trauma and how severely it can affect ones mind and shape another’s future. The main characters are so likable and the story moves along quickly but without compromising any details.


85BBC75F-0787-4FCA-90BF-C4625C7EF134Madeline Walker is sick. She’s been sick since she was a baby. She can’t leave her house, have friends or lead a normal life because she’s essentially allergic to the outside world. Luckily though, her mother is a doctor and sees to it that she receives the best care with round the clock monitoring. Madeline is happy enough with her life–it’s all she’s known. But then Ollie moves in next door and suddenly she finds herself intrigued by the outside world…namely, Ollie. They communicate through the windows of their bedrooms and eventually start communicating over IM. As their friendship continues to grow, Madeline considers what it would be like to meet Ollie–in person–so she asks her nurse, Carla, if it’ll be ok, promising that they won’t touch one another and that they’ll stay on opposite sides of the room. That fateful meeting sparks a whirlwind love story for the two who become completely enamored by one another. It’s this love for Ollie that has Madeline risk everything. Her home, her mother’s trust and maybe even her life.


I would give this story 5 stars. It was cute and easy and relatively lighthearted. a super quick and easy read. I know I committed bookworm blasphemy by seeing the movie first but it really had no bearing on how I enjoyed the book. Ordinarily I would never do things in the order of movie, then book, but I’m completely ok with that for this particular book.

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