IMG_5294Hi! I’m Deaven! I started this blog for a few reasons–One, I’ve always wanted to start a successful blog (hopefully this one is a winner) and two, I LOVE to write. So I’m here to write about something else I love–reading. I’ll primarily be sharing reviews of books as I finish them (and randomly throw in some reviews of books I’ve read previously to fill-in the down time between new books) and hope to give a valued insight to help you choose your next book!

More about me; I live in Cincinnati, OH and I have a 10 month old daughter (who I’m positively enamored with) and a Frenchie that we call Taco. My boyfriend and I live in a really old circa 1860’s home with tons of character (and endless amounts of work to do). Besides reading, I enjoy all things plants (thus how I choose this blog’s name), online shopping and am a total movie junkie. My ultimate goal would be to have a greenhouse in the backyard filled to the brim with plants of all kinds. But in the interim, I’ll settle for too many house plants and not enough places to put them. I hope you enjoy my blog! You can check out my Instagram by the same name too for more updates and pictures of what I am currently reading and what’s on my To-Read list.