January Reading Round-Up

If you follow my bookstagram page, you saw my January TBR stack. I chose 4 books and then added a 5th that was yet to be determined at the time. If you follow me on GoodReads, you know that my 2019 reading challenge is to read 50 books. So, 5 books for January seemed like a good number to begin with. So now that January is coming to a close, I figured it’d be good to go over what I read (or maybe didn’t get to) for the month.




The Traitor Prince  by C.J. Redwine

img_7533I’m particularly invested in the Ravenspire Series and this was the 3rd installment. I was a rocky start for me–I actually started reading it in 2018 but didn’t finish till 2019 so it counts as part of my 2019 goal. The two predecessors of this series were better in my opinion but I felt the need to finish this one because the 4th stand alone novel comes out next month! You can check out my review for this book HERE.

A Map of Days  by Ransom Riggs

img_1572This was a highly anticipated read since I love the Miss Peregrine series– I got lucky and was gifted it for Christmas! I really loved this installment and the glimpse we were given from a different lens into the land of the Peculiars. I completely think the ending sets us up for a 5th novel so I hope my instincts are right! You can read my review HERE.



The Couple Next Door by Shari LaPena


This was book went outside of my typical YA/fantasy realm and was a suspense filled thriller. I really enjoyed it and was even thoroughly creeped at by all the similarities the main characters had to my own life. This book was certainly a page turner and has me eager to pick up more novels by Shari Lapena. I definitely recommend this if you’re in the market for a thriller. You can read my full review HERE.


The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

img_2162It is January 30th and I am not even halfway through this book yet! To say I feel pressure to meet my predetermined goal of 5 books for January is an understatement. This is the book I’m reading with a friend so I haven’t been reading it at the pace I normally would if I was just reading it on my own. BUT, of what I’ve read through so far, this is a book that I hate putting down! It’s so good! I’m not typically into historical fiction around wartime but this one is for sure the exception. I’ll post a full review once I’ve finished it!


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

img_2205I added this one to my stack because, like most of the population, I was totally enthralled by the series on Hulu and finished it in record binge-watching time. I decided that I would read this one in my down time from The Alice Network since I’d feel too guilty to read ahead (and leave my reading partner in the dust lol). I’m maybe a 3rd of the way through and to be honest, I just don’t like it. I don’t love the way it’s written and it’s making it difficult for me to get into it. I know I love the story line because I loved the show but I’m thinking this might be the first time I deem the movie/show version better than the book. I’m to the point that I’m ready to quit but we shall see how it goes. I definitely won’t be finishing by the end of January though. Oh Whale.


Also, before I go, can we just talk about the candle I have burning in my feature photo? IT IS FANTASICAL! Honestly one of the best smelling candles I’ve ever happened upon at TJ Maxx. It’s DW Naturals and the scent is Plum & Bordeaux Fig. It includes essential oils and is made up of a coconut wax blend. I’m also really partial to the jar because purple happens to be my second favorite color. Anyway, I’ve almost burned through the entire thing and I need an identical one to replace it STAT.


Ripened plum and rich fig fruit complemented by mulled blackberry, sugared acai, fig leaf and hints of warm, ambered woods.

Nobody is paying me to say this, it’s just seriously that good. I found a link online for it and I will be ordering a new one: https://www.dwhome.com/products/plum-bordeaux-fig

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